Grove RT 600 E rough terrain crane for sale


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Grove RT 600 E rough terrain crane

SOLD Grove RT 600 E rough terrain crane | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



- 10 m - 32 m (33 ft-105 ft) four-section full power boom
- 8,8 m – 15,5 m (29 ft-51 ft) telescopic swingaway extension
- Maximum main boom tip height of 34 m (112 ft)
- Maximum overall tip height of 49,3 m (162 ft)
- 40 t/45 t (40 USt/50 USt) capacity
- Cummins QSB
- Transmission Full powershift with six forward and three reverse
speeds. Front axle disconnect for 4 x 2 travel.
- Fuel tank capacity 220 L (58 gal)
- Maximum speed 39 km/h (24 mph)

Details Specification Grove RT600E Rough Terrain Crane

Axles Grove RT600 E
Front: Drive/steer with differential and planetary
reduction hubs rigid-mounted to frame.
Rear: Drive/steer with differential and planetary
reduction hubs pivot-mounted to frame.
Automatic full hydraulic lockouts on rear axle
permit oscillation only with boom centered
over the front.

Chassis Grove RT600E
Box section frame fabricated from high-strength, low
alloy steel. Integral outrigger housings and front/rear
lifting, towing, and tie down lugs.

The RT600E cab includes:
- hot water heater/defroster
- single axis joystick controllers
- sliding skylight and adjustable sunscreen
- engine instrumentation
- full accoustical lining

Smooth operation Grove RT600E
The RT600E uses a 12,250 lb pinned-on
counterweight. Cable power is provided
through model HP30A grooved drum hoists
with 16,800 lb permissible line pull. Maximum
line speed is 588 fpm.
Both the main and
optional auxiliary hoists
have cable capacity
up to 694 ft.

Fully independent power steering:
Front: Full hydraulic, steering wheel controlled.
Rear: Full hydraulic, switch controlled.
Provides infinite variations of 4 main steering modes:
front only, rear only, crab, and coordinated.
“Rear steer centered” indicating light.
4 wheel turning radius - 6,4 m (21 ft)

Full hydraulic split circuit disc-type brakes operating
on all wheels. Spring-applied, hydraulically released
transmission-mounted parking brake.

Engine Cummins 6BT5.9L
Gross Power 173 hp 129 kw
Power Measured @ 2500 rpm
Max Torque 530.3 lb ft 719 Nm
Torque Measured @ 1500 rpm
Displacement 360 cu in 5.9 L
Aspiration turbocharged

Operational Grove RT600E

Operating Weight 71692.1 lb 32519 kg
Fuel Capacity 58.1 gal 220 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 134.5 gal 509 L
Operating Voltage 24 V
Tire Size 23.5x25-20PR

Transmission Grove RT600E

Type full powershift
Number of Forward Gears 6
Number of Reverse Gears 3
Max Speed - Forward 24.2 mph 39 km/h

Boom Grove RT600E

Number of Sections 4
Min Height @ Max Raise Angle 33 ft in 10.1 m
Max Height @ Max Raise Angle - no jib 105 ft in 32 m
Max Elevating Angle 78 degrees
Max Lift Capacity 80000 lb 36287.4 kg
Swing Speed 2.5 rpm
Min Operating Radius 10 ft in 3 m
Max Operating Radius 95 ft in 29 m

Dimensions Grove RT600E

Transport Length 40.8 ft in 12448.3 mm
Transport Width 9.9 ft in 3027 mm
Transport Height 11.6 ft in 3531 mm
Ground Clearance 1.6 ft in 494 mm
Wheelbase 12.3 ft in 3759 mm
Width w/ Outriggers Extended 22.5 ft in 6858 mm
Carrier/Base Length 25.5 ft in 7759 mm
Upper Structure Tail Swing Radius 12.9 ft in 3918 mm