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Caterpillar 966H wheeled loader

SOLD Caterpillar 966H wheeled loader | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



Performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications.
Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab. Revolutionary electronics
and hydraulics for low-effort operation.
Increased productivity with lower owning and operating costs.

Autolube System provides precise, automatic lubrication of pins and bushings during loader operation.
Automatic lubrication reduces time spent on daily maintenance and downtime
for unplanned repairs due to inadequate greasing improving productivity.

General purpose buckets provide good all-around performance for stockpiling,
rehandling, excavating and bank loading.
A heavy duty general purpose bucket can be used for more aggressive applications.

Details Caterpillar 966H wheeled loader

Hydraulic System 966H
Bucket/Work Tool System 305 L/min 80.6 gal/min
Pump Output
Steering System Pump Type Piston
Hydraulic Cycle Time Raise 5.9 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time Dump 1.6 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time Lower, 2.4 Seconds
Empty, Float Down
Hydraulic Cycle Time Total 9.9 Seconds
Implement System (Standard), Piston Pump Rated at 2,100 rpm
and 1,000 psi (6900 kPa).
Cycle time with rated payload

Brakes Meets required standards.
Meet OSHA, SAE J1473 OCT90 and ISO 3450-1985 standards.

Operating Weight 23 698 kg 52,254 lb

Front Fixed front
Rear Oscillating 13
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise 502 mm 19.8 in and Fall

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Standard 380 L 100.4 gal
Cooling System 39 L 10.3 gal
Crankcase 35 L 9.25 gal
Transmission 44 L 11.62 gal
Differentials and Final Drives Front 64 L 16.9 gal
Differentials and Final Drives Rear 64 L 16.9 gal
Hydraulic Tank 110 L 29 gal