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FV 439 command vehicle

SOLD FV 439 command vehicle | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



FV 439 APC armored command vehicle, these vehicles are a rare vehicle to come across, it is fitted with a 2x diesel 3 KW generators. The vehicle has recently been through refurbishment and is in excellent condition.
All of these vehicles are fitted with new clocks and show 0 kilometres.
They have all been refurbished before they were sold and have reconditioned, engine and transmission.
FV 439 recently released from MoD reserve stock - no civilian use.

Fitted with a plethora of communications equipment the FV439 Communications Vehicle was used extensively by members of the Royal Signals at Division and Brigade levels.

Details FV439 APC command vehicle

Manufacturer GKN Sankey
Engine 240hp (179 kw) 2-stroke, 6-cylinder, multi-fuel Rolls-Royce K60 No. 4
Range diesel: 298 miles (480 km)
Fuel Capacity 120 gal (454 l)
Road Speed 32.4 mph (52.2 km/h)
Fording Depth 3.5 ft (1.066 m), with no preparation
Amphibious, with preparation
Grade 60%
Trench Crossing 6.7 ft (2.05 m)
Vertical Wall Climb 2 ft (0.609 m)
A cargo carrier, for up to 3,600 kg

Armor Steel: 0.24 - 0.47 in (6-12 mm)

Crew 2 + 10 passengers
Combat Weight 16.8 tons (15.3 mt)
Ground Pressure 11.2 psi (0.79 kg/cm²)
Length, Overall 17.23 ft (5.251 m)
Width, Overall 9.19 ft (2.8 m)
Height, Overall 7.5 ft (2.286 m)
Height, Hull Top 6.16 ft (1.879 m)
Ground Clearance 15.98 in (0.406 m)