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Caterpillar 303C CR Tracked Excavator

SOLD Caterpillar 303C CR  Tracked Excavator | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale



Caterpillar 303C CR 2008 tracked excavator, piped for hammer,
radio, supplied with 3 buckets.
Good operating machine.

Details Caterpillar 303C CR Tracked Excavator
Optional Air Conditioning. Optional air
conditioning or fan and sun blind
package offers further operator comfort.
Sliding Cab Door. The sliding door
system offers good access and
maintains the machine’s compact
dimensions to reduce the risk of

Fully Pilot Operated Controls. Pilot
operated controls on all services
including travel levers and dozer
function ensure that “as new” levels of
controllability are maintained
throughout the machine life.
Automatic Two Speed Function.
Improves machine maneuverability
around the job site. Increased
productivity is achieved by balancing
high speed travel requirements with
Joystick Mounted Auxiliary and Boom
Swing Functions. The new joystick
mounted position of these functions
gives “fingertip” control and a clear cab

Compact Radius Design. Compact
radius design gives greater machine
versatility and the capability to work
within confined areas. The radius of the
upper body stays within the width of the
undercarriage so the operator can
concentrate on the work being done
without having to worry about the back
of the machine.

High Level of Standard Comfort
Features. Reclining suspension seat,
power point, adjustable wrist rests and a
cup holder are standard features on the
Cat C CR machines.

Model Mitsubishi S3Q2
Rated net power (ISO 9249) 22 kW 30 hp
Gross power 23 kW 31 hp
• Net power rating per ISO 9249 and EEC 80/1269
• Meets U.S. EPA Interim Tier 4 emission regulations

Operating weight with canopy 3435 kg 7,575 lb
Operating weight with cab 3555 kg 7,835 lb
• Weight with counterweight, rubber tracks, bucket, operator,
full fuel and auxiliary lines.
• Weight varies depending on machine configuration.

Hydraulic System
Load sensing hydraulics with variable displacement pump
Pump flow at 2300 RPM 85 L/min 22.5 gal/min
Operating pressures – 245 bar 3,553 psi
Operating pressure – travel 245 bar 3,553 psi
Operating pressure – swing 172 bar 2,495 psi
Auxiliary circuit – Primary 60 L/min 15.85
(245 bar/3,553 psi) gal/min
Auxiliary circuits – Secondary 27 L/min 7.15 gal/min
(174 bar/2,524 psi)
Digging forces – stick (standard) 18.9 kN 4,250 lb
Digging force – stick (long) 16.9 kN 3,799 lb
Digging force – bucket 33.0 kN 7,420 lb

Electrical System
• 50-amp alternator
• 12-volt, 650 CCA, 52 amp/h maintenance-free battery
• Sealed electrical connectors

Service Refill Capacities
Cooling system 6 L 1.6 gal
Engine oil 6 L 1.6 gal
Fuel tank 45 L 11.9 gal
Hydraulic tank 37 L 9.75 gal
Hydraulic system 65 L 17.2 gal

Width 1550 mm 61.0 in
Height 325 mm 12.8 in
Dig depth 470 mm 18.5 in
Lift height 400 mm 15.8 in

Standard Stick Long Stick
1 2910 mm 9`7" 3200 mm 10`5"
2 2400 mm 7`10" 2550 mm 8`4"
3 5100 mm 16`9" 5350 mm 17`7"
4 5230 mm 17`2" 5470 mm 17`11"
5 4950 mm 16`3" 5060 mm 16`7"
6 3490 mm 11`5" 3610 mm 11`10"
7 2060 mm 6`9" 2180 mm 7`2"
8 890 mm 2`11" 890 mm 2`11"
9 400 mm 1`4" 400 mm 1`4"
10 470 mm 1`7" 470 mm 1`7"

Caterpillar 303C CR Tracked Excavator Standard Equipment

Additional counterweight 165 kg (364 lb)
Adjustable wrist rests
Automatic engine idle
Automatic swing park brake
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit valve, controls and
1 way hammer lines to the stick
2 way (auger) auxiliary hydraulic lines to the stick
Auxiliary line quick couplers
Boom cylinder guard
Cab mounted work light
Canopy with FOPS ISO10262 (Level 1) and
Tip-Over protection ISO12117
Coat hook and cup holder
Control pattern changer
Dial type accelerator
Dozer blade with float function
Floor mat
Foot travel pedals
Gauges or indicators for fuel level engine
coolant temperature, hour meter, engine oil pressure,
air cleaner, alternator and glow plugs, service interval
Hydraulic oil cooler
Lockable storage box
Low maintenance linkage pin joints
Maintenance free battery
Rubber track
Retractable seatbelt