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Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1)

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Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1)


Date: 2016-01-09
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The GMV 1.1 is an all-terrain vehicle developed especially for use by special operations forces (SOF).

The GMV 1.1 was developed to fill a ground mobility capability gap that was identified by SOCOM. A search to procure a SOF-unique vehicle to cover the shortfall in mobility over denied austere terrain was initiated. The result was the GMV 1.1 manufactured by General Dynamic Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS).

GMV 1.1 Features

Air-transportable in CH-47 / MH-47 heavy lift helicopters (up to 2 at a time, depending on payload)
crew rollover protection via crush-resistant rollbars able to withstand 100% gross vehicle weight
tractive effort with the ability climb 60% grade
modular design - base vehicle to be adapted for specific missions with with the use of kits
can accomodate 6 operators (7 with secondary seating kit)
fitted with net-ready C4 (Command, Control, Communications, Computers) gear
Initial production run of the GMV 1.1 is 1,297 vehicles. They will be replacing many of the Ground Mobility Vehicles currently in use with United States SOF units, with the first unit equipped in November 2015.

GMV 1.1 Specifications

Length 210"
Width 79.6"
Height 72"
Gross Vehicle Weight 11,200 lbs
Vehicle Curb Weight 6,840 lbs
Payload: 6,160 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating�(GVWR) 13,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 24.0 gallons total from twin 12.0 gallon fuel tanks
Vehicle top speed (paved roads) 73.3 mph
Cruising Range 408 miles

Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1) Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1) Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 (GMV 1.1)

Date: 2016-01-09
The Source (author):