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Unused MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 Flat Bed Cargo Trucks for sale
Total 9805

ID: 920 | Stock ref:50321
Qty Available: 100 units
Manufactured by: MAN
The price: £P.O.A.

Unused MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 Flat Bed Cargo Trucks  Direct from the military these are the latest current in service cargo vehicles used by the military today  These vehicles are unused with delivery miles only 100-300 Kilometres      The specification of the NEW Military MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 Flat Bed Cargo Trucks    Configuration: 4x4  Payload: 6 Tons  Steel leaf spring suspension  Seats: Driver and two crew air operated  Air Conditioned Cabin  Cab roof hatch  Tilt cab  Heated mirrors  Cruise .........

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Utility  vessel for sale
Total 51203

ID: 732 | Stock ref:0
Qty Available: 1 unit
Manufactured by:
The price: £P.O.A.

Utility (ex-fishing trawler) vessel m/v Deo Juvante for sale  Built 1988 in Sheveningen, Netherlands. Flag Cook Islands.  The vessel is ready for inspection.    Class I.N.S.B. World Wide, Solas , Load line conv.1966,  Dims. 44.1 m / 39.27 m x 9.0 m x depth Mld 5.1 m, draft 4.5 m  Tonnage GT 481 tns, NT 144 tns.    Main engine 1 x Wartsila 1740 kWx1 max (installed at Year 2006).  Speed 12,5 knots.  Aux.engines Generators cap. 2 x 380 hp Volvo,  each with AC dynamo 125 KW and DC winch dynamo 150 KW.    Bow .........

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Unused Iveco centre axle for sale
Total 31720
ID: 385 | Stock ref:32941
Qty Available: 5 units
Manufactured by: Iveco
Guide price from: £ 1.400

Unused Iveco centre axle as fitted to Iveco 330 - 30 6x6 dumpers  Manufacturer Iveco   Type: 91450009550 Part number: 4606 - 4633  Export Requirements ...more NLR (No Licence .........

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Unused Michelin 12.00R24 XZY for sale
Total 34313

ID: 273 | Stock ref:40115
Qty Available: 2 units
Manufactured by: Michelin
Guide price from: £ 550

Unused Michelin 12.00R24 .........

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Unused Iveco rear complete axle for sale
Total 36077
ID: 633 | Stock ref:32939
Qty Available: 3 units
Manufactured by: Iveco
Guide price from: £ 950

Unused Iveco rear complete axle Type: 91450009050 Part Number: 4206 - 4634 .........

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Used  FORD Petrol  V6  engine 2.8 lt as fitted to Hagglund BV206 for sale
Total 59129

ID: 388 | Stock ref:0
Qty Available: 20 units
Manufactured by: Hagglunds
The price: £P.O.A.

Used and Reconditioned the FORD Petrol V6 engine 2.8 lt as fitted to Hagglund BV206  (1,000-5,000 kms was to repair)  Make FORD  Model Cologne Petrol/Gasolene  Cylinders V6  Power 99 KW(132hp) at 4600 1/min  Capacity 2.8 litre  Cooling system closed, with expansion tank  Normal operating temperature 82-97 C  Lubrication forced-circulation with thermostat-controlled air-cooled oil cooler  Air cleaner dry typ  Fuel Consumption Ca.22 Liter/h  dimensions 68cm x 74 cm x 88 cm  weight 200 .........

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Hydraulic Winch Ulrich MWT for sale
Total 48991

ID: 465 | Stock ref:40098
Qty Available: 4 units
Manufactured by: Ulrich
Guide price from: £ 4.050

Hydraulic Winch Ulrich MWT  As removed from a Case 721 CXT Ex military loading shovel  Suitable for the evacuation front loaders and Caterpillar D6 dozers (up to 18 tons) and similar    Manufacturer HPC  The rope length of 30 meters  Rope Diameter 19mm  Max Load 10.4 T Bare Drum Pull  Breaking load 21.5 ton  Maximum pull is 18 t (require a pulley block to double the rope)  Weight 460 kg  Year of construction 2000/2001  New condition    Pallet Dims .........

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