Terex TA40 Articulated dump Truck WAS SOLD

WAS SOLD Terex TA40 Articulated dump Truck WAS SOLDSOLD!!!!!
TEREX TA40 6x6 articulated dump trucks, LHD, Generation 7, 2007, 2,300-2,500 hrs only, excellent condition
Maximum Payload - 41.9 tons (38 t)
Heaped Capacity - 30.3 yd3 (23.3 m3)
Gross Power - 450 hp (336 kW)

450 hp (336 kW) Detroit Diesel Tier 3 engine
Complete new Allison transmission with drop box configuration
New front suspension with improved ride
Latest cab technology with operator comfort and visibility
Increased top speed to 37.3 mph (60 kph)
Upgraded axles and frames
Oil cooled disc brakes on all axles
More time between service intervals
Bigger payload to 41.88 tons
Fully CAN enabled J1939 Link

Standard Equipment

Air conditioner 35,500 BTU/hr
(10.4 kW)
Cigar lighter, 24v
Engine diagnostic facility
Heater and demister
35,415 BTU/hr (9.5 kW)
Hydraulic diagnostic facility
Inspection lamp socket, 24v
Insulation, thermal and acoustic
Interior light
Mirrors, rear view, 4
Mug holder
Seat, passenger ROPS/FOPS
protection ISO 3471/3449
SAE J1040 Apr 88/J231
Seat belts, retractable J386
Seat, operator, air suspension
Steering wheel, tilt/telescopic
Storage compartment
Sun blind
Tinted glass
Transmission visual
Display unit
Window protection grille, rear
Wiper and washer, front and rear

Fuel level
Transmission temperature
Water temperature
Volt meter
Brake cooling temperature

Turn signals
Headlight high beam

Brakes tractor, low pressure
Brakes trailer, low pressure
Engine stop
Transmission check
Steering, low pressure
Engine check
Diff locks

Alternator charging
Body up
Brake pressure - front and rear
Engine check
Engine ‘Stop’
Fuel, low level
Diff. locks ‘On’
Parking brake ‘On’
Steering pressure
Transmission check
Oil filter change
Air filter change

Air filter, dual element with
restriction indicator
Articulation locking bar and
oscillation lock pin
Battery master switch
Body prop
Diagnostic test points
Downshift inhibitor
Engine underguard, hinged
Engine brake
Fan, modulating
Headlamp guards
Horn, electronic

Headlamps, 4, halogen side, tail,
stop, reverse.
Hazard warning and direction
Work lights, roof-mounted
Light guards, rear
Mudflaps, front
Mudflaps, in front of leading
rear wheels
Neutral start interlock
Pivot protection guard
Reverse alarm, audible J994
Servo body hoist
Tow points, front and rear
Transmission sump guard
Tire Inflation, nitrogen (6 tires)


Make/model Detroit Diesel Series 60
6 cylinder, in line, four cycle diesel, water-cooled,
turbocharged with air-to-air cooling, electronic
engine management.
Piston displacement 855 in3 (14 L)
Bore x stroke 5.24 x 6.61 in (133 x 168 mm)
Gross power at 2,000 rpm (SAE J 1995) 450 hp (336 kW)
Net power at 2,000 rpm (SAE J 1349) 437 hp (326 kW)
Maximum torque at 1,350 rpm 1,548 lbf ft (2,100 Nm)
Engine emission meets USA EPA Tier 3 /CARB MOH 40
CFR 89 Tier 3 and proposed EUNRMM (non-road mobile
machinery directive) Tier 3.
24 volt electric start. 100A alternator. Two 12 volt 175 Ah
batteries. Dry-type air cleaner with safety element,
automatic dust ejector and restriction indicator.


Allison 4500 ORS with integral retarder mounted directly
to the engine. Fully automatic transmission with planetary
gearing, electronic control with six forward and one
reverse gear. The transmission assembly consists of a
torque converter close-coupled to a countershaft type
gearbox with integral output transfer gearing. Automatic
shifting throughout the range, with kick-down feature.
Lockup in all forward gears. A torque-proportioning output
differential transmits drive permanently to front and rear
axles. This differential may be locked


Front and rear frames are all-welded high grade steel fabrications with
rectangular box-section beams forming the main side and cross members.
Inter-frame oscillation is provided by a large diameter cylindrical coupling
which houses nylon bushings. Frames articulate 45° to either side for
steering by means of two widely-spaced pivot pins in back-to-back sealed
taper roller bearings.


Three axles in permanent all-wheel drive (6 x 6) with differential coupling
between each axle to prevent driveline wind-up. Heavy duty axles with
fully-floating axle shafts and outboard planetary reduction gearing.
Automatic limited slip differentials in each axle. Leading rear axle
incorporates a through-drive differential to transmit drive to the rear most
axle. This differential and the transmission output differential are locked
simultaneously using one switch selected by the operator.
Differential ratio 3.70:1
Planetary reduction 6.35:1
Overall Drivetrain reduction 23.50:1


Hydrostatic power steering by two double-acting cushioned steering
cylinders with pressure supplied by a variable displacement / load
sensing piston pump. Secondary steering pressure is provided by
a ground driven pump mounted on the dropbox. An audible alarm and
warning light indicates should the secondary system activate.
System conforms to ISO 5010, SAE J53
Steering angle to either side 45°
Lock to lock turns, steering wheel 4
System pressure 3,480 psi (240 bar)


All hydraulic system with sealed, forced oil cooled, multi discs on all
axles. Independent circuits for front and rear brake systems. Warning
lights and audible alarm indicate low brake system pressure.
Brake system conforms to ISO 3450, SAE J1473.

Net Distribution
Front axle 34,936 lbs (15,880 kg)
Bogie axle, leading 16,500 lbs (7,500 kg)
Bogie axle, trailing 16,368 lbs (7,440 kg)
Vehicle, Net 67,804 lbs (30,820 kg)
Payload 83,775 lbs (38,000 kg)
Gross Distribution
Front axle 40,304 lbs (18,320 kg)
Bogie axle, leading 55,000 lbs (25,000 kg)
Bogie axle, trailing 55,000 lbs (25,000 kg)
Vehicle, Gross 151,579 lbs (68,820 kg)
Hoists, pair 1,455 lbs (660 kg)

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